a person is selling magic lollipops at the street. there’s a night scene of that city below
Laser print, drawing, collage on wooden board, 15×21cm, 2021
inverted drawing of two life forms, the left one is glitched
alien map filter used on grayscale pixel filter resulting in massive glitch
grayscale pixelated picture hoodie arm of a dj during a livestream in front of the camera cut and glitched
found book page, color photography print of a vegetable stand in tunis. the shop owner face is flashed by the camera, in the background there are pictures hanging on the wall
The greengrocers in Tunis are artists
fatigue drawing
old records found on the street, but not the one that is shown in the background
la lutte continue
diy church is my favorite show
drawing with color pencils, fluid shapes lie over a bit of something geometric
Drawing on paper, 15×21cm, 2021
pixelized rotation arrow buttons turned upside down, looks like a vhs cassette now
rotating the rotation buttons from the image viewing software
Every piece of garment sold. Lumpy figures in sales pitch. Lumpy figures celebrate success.
encapsulated nostalgia
structure melting from top to bottom. exhaust gas
+° −°
cyber cat
a dug up heap of earth at the roadside in front of green hedge, rounded off
from a postcard by Luka, old street traced vector drawing
drawing of a dancing crowd on crumpled paper
color dots on crumpled paper
drawing from rain, colored every rain drop fallen on the paper

popup message from a website, website digital
no further than this—OK