yes, hello?

a strapped mattress as body, two hands touching memory foam material, a head turns around a foam neck roll, feet standing on memory foam form a strange new body avatar, digital collage
black and white photography of two foam pieces on grass besides the road
black and white analogue photo of overturned foam pyramid on a construction site. left picture: overturned pyramid of black insulation foam blocks. right picture: dvd shaolin monk doing a kung fu move with powerful light reflection
Lieber Kunde, Sie werden automatisch zum nächsten Werktag in den regulierten EU-Foamingtarif umgestellt, da Sie der Umstellung nicht innerhalb der 14-tägigen Frist widersprochen haben.

(Dear customer, you will be automatically switched to the regulated EU Foaming tariff on the next business day, as you did not object to the switch within the 14-day period.)

person without head doing a gymnastic exercise with a foam roll on the floor. legs, hands, head are erased, the image has been cropped, transparent check pattern from image editing software is visible in the background
torn piece of foam outside on the street next to growing moss.
another memory foam product, used as a toilet seat. memory foam used as arm chair cushions
a hand opens a foam cushion zipper to unveil the foam.
drawing with colored pencil and tracing wax paper. four pair of legs holding foam objects
traces of a tracing with red wax paper. person lying on the floor, the feet lie padded on the memory foam.
two actresses from the tv show American Gladiators fighting with giant foam q tipps in a backyard background, where some ancient fireman doin foam extinguishing work. Digital collage
product pictures. Multifunctional Employee punch card time attendance machine with access control. a person with mask is waiting for access infront of it. A factory wholesale folding bed. Furniture movable for employee. Elegant life pursuit. Digital Collage
the shattered glass windows in the old foam office factory building are stuffed with foam

foam office buildings

closer view of the foam installation