↓ part 2

You may have already seen this notice that pops up every now and then on some old private website/homepage:
Under Construction

the note is often accompanied by a small .gif animation, a yellow warning sign with a stick figure on it, shoveling.

 I think today the Under Construction note has become somewhat rare. Most users no longer maintain their own private website—or they have simply put together some hosted solutions from some corporate service. Paid or free solutions, who cares, important that the personal website today always appears to be perfectly built, superb, slick, modern, pixel, brutalist, whatever trendy, business-ready professional, most important never lacks any content–never never must be Under Construction.

 But let’s stick to the past… The funny thing about those websites stating they’re currently Under Construction/Coming Soon was: once the note has been put on the website, it is very likely that it has been doomed to never be finished and to persist in this state of editing for all eternity (i.e. until the hosting provider or your friendly archiver’s hosting support is somewhen cancelled).

 The other day i saw the shovel figure again, but somehow thought of it as not shoveling a perfect construction sand pyramid, but maybe digging for something, look again:

  a stick figure shoveling on a yellow warning sign, also looks like the figure is digging a hole

 Like an archaeologist digging for something on that old forgotten website. Unfortunately, now i cannot remember the http address, but this website was an astonishing cyber ruin. I don’t want to become nostalgic about some broken hyperlinks and images and such, but days after the visit i still had some images in my mind from that hyper ruin. I decided it would be fun to become an archaeologist myself, maybe even with the little shovel and started digging for similar cyber ruins.

 At some point i drifted away from the research and tried to build my own cyber ruins. On this page i have collected some examples. Like any ruin, they only appear unfinished and Under Construction. However they are in fact just already rotten and forgotten.

gif animation, a stick figure shoveling on a yellow warning sign. blue ancient streetview ruins, stone wall, colorful abstract glitch streetview ruins, digital collage, an empty field with some rocks, cordoned off with a rope in front of a mountain skyline, that has been rotated by 90°

a melted picture of burnt down miracle candles
ruins of new year’s eve

lensflare ruins glitched to abstract pixel gif, not animated ancient temple ruins, which has been the roof of the temple has been mirrored and distorted in various ways, the colors are a mossy green and salmon peach

a green tree fungi, big mushroom
hyper fungi grows on broken code

on a vintage photo some blurry people look at marble ruins


broken webcam ruin at night, video display message “no link”, pink cloth portrait glitched in between erroneous punk blue webcam picture of a sunset at the beach. Another winter snow webcam shot is superimposed, CNN ticker text “to disperse crowd”

no link
+annoying hover fx


a wall, crumbling plaster held by two metal straps, a hole at the bottom and the server error message “504 gateway time out nginx”, false colors, image appears in green pink color tones

image AI-generated by text “cyber ruins”

data glitch of the background image of this page

backyard navigator

cyber ruiins (part 2)
foam office
if this is archaeology, what year is it?
now please some real nature (bog zine)
what’s behind the paywall?
learn about harmless machinery
smelting snow


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