bézier curves on canvas, 2019

any words in popular order
rescue blanket
well overflow
abstract composition
abstract composition
tomorrow it’s time again: wage labour. a crumbled PET watter bottle
all drawings are just like this: scalable
contribution drawing to a country/western theme zine, a blue beans dance
Quantity Quantity Quantity, the print process
big bag
big bag
big bag
big bag
clean up this mess
nobody is at the accountant’s office right now
i won’t explain the pun here.
our sun
replacement character
car captcha
abstract composition
like a maze or something
person working on something
diamonds and the bandcamp title YOU OWN THIS
linked image not found
this strange fountain from Tuscany
textile pattern and small pyramids
noisy grid
fart clouds
abstract coast line
abstract composition
i like to do more eraser drawings
this phrase is often heard in offices
ugly audience
press picture

what else to explore?

ungefähr ungefährlich  |  harmless machinery |  work like the pros  |  ↠↠↠ walk into the forest  |  P-U-N-K (mail art)  |  plastic rain screen (drawings)

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