An einer angelehnten nassen Regenscheibe aus Plastik kleben ein paar Zeichnungen:


a grey heron sitting on a drawing fragment
carbon line tracing of two dry public fountains. arrows spiraling down
a lost globe on a public bench. distorted drawing
carbon copy of a video animation still by jine from Text glitch
fake Easter Island statue miniature in a supermarket entry, standing next to the door and next to a serving trolley with dirty coffee dishes, wearing a price tag around its neck. Hands holding smartphone camera taking pictures of it. Text in multiple languages: Zeg NEE tegen… Dites NON à… Sagen Sie NEIN zu… Diga NO a· Dite NO alla… Say NO to… counterfeit
carbon lines and white paint marker traces of unspecific things
Wikimedia illustration of the formation of a meander valley. It has been meandered even more in digital image editing software. Word descriptions are cut off. Carbon Trace Drawing
five persons reading the same empty newspaper while waiting for something. They’re duplicates and have strange heads. At least no grim face, no face at all. Two small animal like creatures hide between them. Carbon Trace Drawing on paper.
A medieval flag banner with the words Alles Für 1€ (All for 1 Euro). A TV armchair and a couch. Aggressive speech bubbles plus some other Gekritzel
Text: Euro Amount Play Money for Banking. FOB Price: $210–220 per Box. Min Order: 10 Boxes. Paper Type: Specialty Paper. Use: Bank Use. Coating: Uncoated. Pulp Style: Virgin. Type: Copy Paper. Packing: Carton. Contact Now. Inquiry Basket. Leave message. The Image is a screenshot of an internet retail store for all kinds of stuff. Carbon Trace Drawing on paper. The print out screenshot used as template for carbon trace copy. What has been copied is now blue. Additional stuff drawn on it like a human hand reaching for the bills. 1 Euro coin very large. A person offering nothing in their left hand. Words written by hand: Master Copy, Original.