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read the printed copy

Title of the book

MÄANDERTAL calligraphy title
Del has drawn this sweet calligraphy title for me. So the decision for the title of the upcoming printed copy has been made: MÄANDERTAL (meander valley).
Thinking about production details now (monetary costs…)—and— most important, whether to meander around some more or include the recent meanderings (shown on this and other pages of the backyard). I’m a bit limited to the number pages… monetary costs.
même de liège préparez-vous à plonger avec moi dans les méandres de
This stolen and glitch edited ai-subtitled video still of a video work by Yann van der Cruyssen would make a great opening to the book, no?

water scanner (I)

Auf den Flachbettscanner wird ein Glasbecken gestellt und mit Wasser gefüllt. Die Bilder in Papierformaten bis DIN A4 werden auf die Wasseroberfläche gelegt und schwimmend der Scan gestartet. Von unten fährt das Licht entlang und leuchtet durch den Glasbeckenboden und das Wasser die Bilder an. Als Becken kann eine Lasagneform verwendet werden, es bleibt oft ein Herstellerlogo sichtbar. Ins Wasser können zusätzliche Kristalle gegeben werden, Salz oder Brause, oder auch Farbe. Das Papier kann mehrfach untergetaucht werden. Bewegungen des Wassers während des Scanvorgangs oder leichte Schubser und Tippser ans Papier haben Wellen zur Folge, die wegen der Fahrtrichtung des Scanners in Verzerrungslinien enden. Auch Wassertropfen und andere Erschütterungen von oben auf das Wasser resultieren in harten Verschiebungslinien (glitch). Wasserlösliche Farben müssen noch ausprobiert werden, außerdem: Lipidzugaben, mechanische Vibration des Beckens (Rüttler), Ventilatorwindwellengang, Schaum, einzelner Wassertropfen, Schwimmende Objekte […]
A glass basin is placed on the flatbed scanner and filled with water. The images in paper formats up to DIN A4 are placed on the water surface and the scan is started floating. From below, the light travels along and illuminates the images through the glass basin bottom and the water. A lasagne mold can be used as a basin, often a manufacturer’s logo remains visible. Additional crystals can be added into the water, salt or sherbet, or even liquid paint. The paper can be submerged several times. Movements of the water during the scanning process or slight pushes and taps on the paper result in waves that end up in distortion lines because of the direction of travel of the scanner. Also water drops and other shocks from above on the water result in hard displacement lines (glitch). Water-soluble inks still have to be tried, also: lipid additions, mechanical vibration of the basin (shaker), fan airwave, foam, single water drop, floating objects [...]
glass lasagna oven form on opened flatbed scanner
open flatbed scanner and put an oven form for lasagna or other flat bowl made of glass on the scanner.
water is filled inside
Fill with water
scan image. dark picture because of opened flatbed scanner. a glass lasagne oven basin is put on top of the scanner and filled with water
slideshow animation of various scans done by adding salt and fizzy powder to the water, blank scans with visible glitch waves
adding salt and (old) fizzy powder to the water.
scan image. a heron stands in the river and waits for fish. The laser printed black and white photography floats in the water pool
Let the prints float on the water basin while scanning. If the prints are as motionless on the water as the heron on the stone, the scan will be clear (shown laser prints are more or less waterproof)
scan image. the same heron print but the water is touched and many glitch lines appear while scanning because of all the disturbances
Touching the water will result in disturbing glitch waves.
scan image. very distorted glitch image, a hand is visible touching the water
however too many disturbances
scan image. laser printed copy with two pictures of dry public fountains. water drops visible on the print
watering dry public fountains
scan image. dry public fountains are empty concrete fountains but there is no water inside. this scan variant very distorted at the bottom of the floating page
scan image. illustration from a wikipedia page about meander valleys. shows a drawing of a schematic valley with a river curve, german description text. glitch distorted wavy image
scan image. wavy video art still. printed as black and white laser label sheet. theres a big water drop in the middle of the page, the edges are distorted
picture of salt slowly distributing inside the water
salt, mmmh…
scan image. a light green opened package of fizzy powder swimming in the water. the old clumped green content does not distribute properly in the water
Add some more of this old fizzy powder. The old clumped content does not distribute properly in the water
scan image. the label print scanned in the water with green fizzy clumps, the water looks really old now, like algae plants
this is not algae, this is sherbet powder
scan image. large tissue paper inside the water all wet. the water appears clear now
cleaning the water scanner
scan image. Salt was trickled into the water during the scan
adding some salt for upcoming scans
the wet prints are hung outside to dry.
the wet prints are hung outside to dry

first ideas (mäandernd)

description (n/a)

meander valley illustrations and arrows bending down

screenshot from federated social media bot publishing random wiki how to remixes: illustration of a hand pressing garlic into a bowl of aioli with a fork. Caption reads: How to Know if Your Book Is Worth Publishing

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no beispiele;


Mehrzweckzeitweck—Multi-purpose z e purpose


laser print of a digital collage with older people reading the advertising paper while waiting for the tram. photography against the screen, so the backside of the paper, some printer test print, shines through.

flowers behind a fence and graffiti painted on the fence.
flowers behind a fence and graffiti painted on the fence.

black and white and blurry photographic picture of a small forest path
pale blue orange still image of a visual live set by pixelflowers, remixed distorted glitch


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black and white photographic picture of two dry public fountains
black and white picture from Mars and heavy image manipulation effect alien map

distorted schematic illustration of a meander valley.
picture of cloudy sky. raindrops falling and reflecting camera flash. Dark spots are dirt on lense. Visual borrowings from space nebulae.

picture of a glass block facade. Towards one side of the image curves and distorts.
auto generated Spanish youtube subtitles for the sounds Music and Applause. Distortion graphics in the background. Animation still

left side of a fullspread image, showing the water reflection on a river, a stone train bridge and trees. the water has no disturbances, the mirror image is very clear
right side of a fullspread image, showing the water reflection on a river, a stone train bridge and trees. the water has no disturbances, the mirror image is very clear

entrance portal of a historic salt factory. imitations of natural stone are carved out of stone, giving the impression of a cave entrance.
Loamy mud meanders over wet road on construction site

stacked stones

an arrow made of concrete pointing to the left. On a wooden palette in construction mud