black and white photographic picture of a frozen puddle on the ground. It looks a bit like a face
The puddle, a winter lake in tiny scale
It’s not clear, where the picture has been taken. There’s a car tire trace beneath the frozen water. It’s a planetary rover car, but not the moon or mars one, some earth car.
this one got a little swirl mark at the center and is more vertically formed
a circular, almost classic puddle
seems to have a solid surface, but still it cracked.
cracks in circles.
cracks in the ice surface.
cracked by cars, probably.
the puddles are not deep, not enough place for fish.
maybe some tiny bacteria creatures live beneath the ice surface?
more car traces on the rocky ground around the puddle.
like a map of ice land, turned around.
a larger puddle. The photographer’s boot came into picture by accident.
few frozen puddles appear next to the road in the grass.
the last picture shows a large puddle in the bog grass next to the road. it also cracked.

A series of analog photos, taken sometime in the winter of 2021/2022.

This virtual place is built like a backyard behind a house where you might live. Puddles in a backyard are kinda common, no? Everything is kind of tumbled down around here. If you want to explore further, look further down and visit one of these places:

the puddle’s summer edition kind of, the backyard pool:


more ice life:


next to the cellar entrance, there’s an open box attached to the wall. Will you toggle the main switch?


helpful stones, blind stones on the pavement to the left:


sustainable message:


there’s one thing with taking analog pictures:


moor from the bog region, a wet book:


virtuality in virtuality in virtuality, the entrance to a cyber cave appears:


>>>>> >> bestermensch

a crumpled piece of paper on the floor: