bester mensch

pastel building cloth wrapped around a house and stormy branches in front of it, digital collage
        hug in the dead flamingo park
   moon at the morning horizon above the train station with glitch clouds from the early hours. Digital collage

   smeary metallic glitch fog boils down a digital collage
>>>>>>>>>  Die grosse Langeweile am noblen Zürichberg, newspaper headline

we brought flowers from the pond :*

photographic view through trees and plants on a mud hill and two silo city buildings, a tower is repeated, repeated floor by floor
glibber goo ghosty unsoid form on mudhill in city scenarip
flower automat
flowersat night
underwater wet plant life
thistlesat night
building wall greenish washed
laurel cherry satellites

a plastic spiral on a wooden board is displayed on an old wall display frame

bester mensch
hello world

we can measure their movement

html source code of an unordered list item
Coffee, Tea. Black tea, Green tea. China, Africa. Milk.

heart care talking
in a dream

We hug

in the dead flamingo park

moon view station


Ça Va

smeary metallic glitch fog boils down

snobmountain in Züri w/ their big fatigue


from the city pond :*

through trees

glibber glitter goo ghost boo

sucked on and spit out cyan blue gum candy on bitumen collage (street)

   the bitumen collage season

swoosh caligraphic signage on a building “Hyper”

text: Comet Pustój (bester mensch, 2022)