basic 3d model of a laptop with title screen “new spaces of struggle”, some decorative asterisks. black laser copy.


Art fair registration form. The floor plan is marked with lines and pasted and notes have been made. Text: “Your Exhibition Space: The organizers commit to provide a booth to each exhibitor according to the dimensions communicated to them by the exhibitor – to 15 linear meters of wall and 35 sqm of surface and taking into account the site’s specificities and the general layout of the fair. The booth is composed of plasterboard (OK) walls. It is provide with light (CHECK), 4 electric socket (CHECK) and (LIMITED) wifi. Gallery. Please provide a technically detailed booth plan. You may indicate, at least, the length of each wall and the position of electric plugs. Please point to the used faces on each wall with arrows.” Wifi is only partly installed. Books and the 2 columns are shown. Other materials used: Wood, stone, metal and glass. Loose objects on the southern part of the booth. The booth itself is illuminated by light. A picture of dancing people on the opening is provided as well, to indicate there will be a party. The form is stamped and signed by the director of the gallery fragment scenario. Date: 2023-04-02

line drawing of 3 persons hugging

Nur runde Tische ohne Stühle

Nur runde Tische keine Stühle  o

Round tables only without chairs

only round tables are placed next to a sign taped to the window in the bay window that reads “Only round tables without chairs”. Outside it is already night. Black laser printed copy.
cover of a closed passe partout book. Brown textured envelope paper with charcoal traces.
the open book shows on the left side a colorfully drawn dramatic dance or fight scene. on the recto a choreographic sketch of the scene on pink paper
brown back cover
broken factory window glitch
somewhen between tadpole and frog underwater
rolling up weathered foil lettering of a location map on an information pillar

steel construction has been removed from the abandoned hotel entrance
layout preview of a double page. left page green with tadpole image, right page white with solarpanel and flowers

Collage of cave and floor plan drawing

In One Room Foldaway bed. Books. Work. Eat.

broken factory window glitch
slimy stones in the grotto

← use zoning plan

exhibition floor plan

↓ use backyard plan

slimy stones in the grotto, rotating cyber grotto gem

you found a cyber grotto gem!

Issue 0. 2023 release: allgemeine-unwohlsein.html