Allgemeine Unwohlsein. Libros Gratis. Books free. Complicated Dystopia.

dear friend*,
The Allgemeine Unwohlsein° opens its misery to all of your worries and sorries.

soaking wet printed matter in a white plastic bag in an old kitchen pot full of rainwater and leaves. deleted chat message text.

Lieb* Freund*,
Die Allgemeine Unwohlsein öffnet ihr Elend für alle eure Sorgen und Nöte.

° general malaise

How bad is it?

person is fed a Bretzel
humans at the ATM cash machine

Wie schlimm ist es?

printed copy under yellow light foil
three people playing sports in a cave that seems to be wired and networked with switches. collage with printed matter

keine Antworten
keine Zeit
keine Kapazität
keine freie Kapazität
am Ende der Prioritätenliste, im Leerlauf

work out

three people take rock and other measurement samples from the earth. collage with printed matter.
a puppet copy of a person in butchers uniform and its original besides. digital photography.

samples of concern have been collected

no functional backups

a person in sports dress doing rope skipping at night in front of a hotel entrance
three people stand together on the ground, smiling, surrounded by nature. clouds of smoke rise. collage with printed matter.
some old white men stand together next to a traffic road. Stamps from grapus 1969 activities “Pense pas roulè” and “La beauté est dans la rue”. A soldier holding their rifle ready at them. collage with printed matter.

Rope skipping at night in front of the Novotel

Denke nicht, rolle.

Change nothing and continue with immaculate consistency

Finding entrances to the collective maze

a spiders web filled with water
a round lamp illuminating a cave

Nichts ändern und mit makelloser Konsequenz weitermachen
– Oblique Strategies,

Eingänge zum kollektiven Labyrinth finden

It would feel so nice to be floating

copied heart drowning

Es wäre so schön, zu schweben

Deficient Places:


bear puppets in a cave

a person in a tracksuit and sneakers stumbles around on a wet roof.

“Fig. 39: Final check on travelling-beam device for accident prevention”. black and white photo of a child standing in a grotto knocking on some stalagmite structure. Transparent earth crust diagrams on top. collage with printed matter.

Go ahead.


“Humph! They don’t seem to appreciate good singing either.”collage with printed matter.

two steel factory machines with sad faces. in the background cut out light reflections on the sea. collage with printed matter.

Sie scheinen auch keinen Wert auf guten Gesang zu legen.

Probleme mit Licht lösen

the shattered glass window in the old foam office factory building are stuffed with foam

worked as a copygirl. Privilege style.

So… Don’t be a hater, be a creator

foam office in this backyard



burning batteries

in a distorted room

some cloth for covering. Collage with printed matter.

or hanging out with the pack. Collage with printed matter.

Stay Tuned For: Pidgeons meeting on a lamp post. Digital Collage.

Closed roller shutters. Rays of sunlight flash through the slits. Digital Photography

photograph from general strike, greve general, in France, 2023

Sleeping cat wakes up when the riots start. Collage with printed matter.

Drowned fly in coffee.

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