black wooden waste print. cross-out lines form a white rectangle. beneath the handwritten word, which is difficult to read, “Text.”

a robot hand from above is reaching out for a human hand.

black wooden waste print on printer-error page

the word “hello“ written with thinkpad red nipple-mouse

black wooden waste print, stacked wooden bars, the color is not printed opaque and appears cloudy
palette (2)

ripped of plastic piece of some wrapping with an arrow to the left printed on

cut out newspaper image showing two white men holding a bell together. one person wears a business suit the other a white science suit. they have no heads.
you may touch the bell, but don’t ring it.

black and white photograph of a paper collage. random cut pieces of papers with no special print on them are fixated with metal staples on another piece of paper beneath. it’s pretty random…

an old note from a library with a picture of a CD with german text “Please note! The missing fee for CD’s and CD-ROMs is 2.00 DM per opening day!”
quickly rip those CD-ROMs

bundles of money with wings fly through an open window.



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