complicated dystopia
(part 1)

You’re already inside
and this illuminated sign reminds you of
the decision you made
to enter,
that you cannot undo.

Desert canyon landscape with old orange van life. A fake silicon face is cropped from the sky, fingers stretch the eyes wide open.

diesel life decisions made by

language is a mess

An open box of English vocabulary study cards is lying in the middle of the road. The cards are spread out on the asphalt.
Drawing with color pencils of three persons, one of them is falling, the others hold them. Digitally torn collage noise on top.

the planetary climate

A triangular piece of artificial grass lies on withered real piece of grass.





modus operandi

Home office and streaming like never before. Balcony—live
Scrawled line drawing and a bit of color (green, yellow, pink).Drawing of various objects. One is stuck to another object, small objects are attached to strings, next object drawn like an animal head, some drawer object and unclear smeary shadows.
Picture from a digital photo camera handbook showing an example of “beauty effect”. A person in a split screen suggests some before/after beauty effect appliance, but the image is edited and glitched so results are more non conform beauty.
the new camera has this “beauty effect” feature
Collage detail picture. Bedroom interior, pilows, a pink curtain, a naked person washes themselves with a brush, police design bed covers.


Collage with paper scraps pasted onto a printed image of Marcel Duchamp’s The Great Glass. The collage has been additionally distorted and recolored in retrospect.

The great Glass

The mastodon blurry preview with a broken image icon.
*sensitive content
Picture of drawing, edited. Some bold weird form appears on the paper, line scribbles and shredded words. “I changed my mind”
Ancient clay figure doing a facepalm gesture wile a person is doing weird gym training on a bridgeBlurry view of the sea, plants jungle, paper
Hand catching a small ball that has been dropped from reptile skin“ätsch”, cop pushes a turtle in a wheelbarrow
A yellow plastic kids play phone case photographed from the inside, but the colors are inverted, so it’s blue now. The holes of the plastic thing looks a bit like a screaming face